By Senator Janet Nguyen, published in the Press-Telegram
June 19, 2015

Senate Bill 350, the “Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015,” carries a positive name and many wonderful-sounding promises. Unfortunately, these promises could potentially generate long-term problems for all Californians.

Without providing any specifics on how Californians are to meet this steep mandate, SB 350 proposes a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use. This provision, if passed, would also give the California Air Resources Board (CARB) the power to force all Californians to cut their gasoline and diesel use by 2030. Unfortunately, details as to how these cuts will be accomplished by everyday motorists are absent from the bill.

What is especially troublesome about this arbitrary petroleum reduction mandate is that CARB holds no accountability to taxpayers. The danger is that unelected bodies, like CARB, are prone to view issues through a narrow scope and may ignore the real world impacts of their decisions on everyday Californians.

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