March 2, 2017

Senate’s blunder is fitting coda to Tom Hayden’s time in Sacramento

Tom Hayden might have viewed the amateurish events that played out on the Senate floor Thursday as a fitting coda to his time in Sacramento. Undoubtedly, he would have had something to say about it all. On Thursday, a duly elected senator got removed from the Senate chamber for speaking her mind. Only this time, Republicans in Washington, D.C., weren’t …

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June 19, 2015

SB 350 sounds good, but misses the mark

By Senator Janet Nguyen, published in the Press-Telegram June 19, 2015 Senate Bill 350, the “Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015,” carries a positive name and many wonderful-sounding promises. Unfortunately, these promises could potentially generate long-term problems for all Californians. Without providing any specifics on how Californians are to meet this steep mandate, SB 350 proposes a 50 …

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April 2, 2015

California Sen. Janet Nguyen’s story may have you waving U.S. flag

By George Skelton, Los Angeles Times April 2, 2015 Every time she looks up at California’s Capitol dome and walks into the grand old building, says freshman state Sen. Janet Nguyen, “I think to myself, ‘Wow!’ “I’m one of 40 state senators in California. Never in my entire life did I think I would become a state senator. It’s the …

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